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Why Aeroponics

Did you know that aeroponics systems are much faster, more reliable and predictable than growing in dirt?  Many people start off growing in dirt only to discover all the complications of bugs, pests, bacteria and issues controlling proper water and nutrient levels.  In aeroponics we use water/nutrient solution which means we can always give the plant exactly what it needs.  Even if the water/nutrients get out of whack, we simply change the water.  Have you ever tried to change the dirt in a plant?  Changing the properties of the dirt can be complicated, take a long time and can shock or kill the plant.  The key to aeroponics is to have a simple and easy to maintain system. 

Many people get scared of aeroponics systems because many are so complicated.  We have learned that the main reason people who try aeroponics cloners or growing systems and give up is this simple reason…they use systems with a water pump sitting in the container right in the nutreint solution.  Believe it or not, that water pump causes more problems than dirt and is the number one reason why people give up on aeroponics.  The number two reason is clogging misters.  Don’t worry; we have simple and innovative solutions for both of those issues.  But first let me explain the issues and then I will suggest the solution.


If you search online, there are no shortages of aeroponic systems and do-it-yourself kits that include an aquarium pump or similar attached to some sort of pipe or manifold with several small mister heads attached.  You tube has a bunch of videos on how to make these for $50 bucks or less.  People try them, start off great, run into problems, struggle and then throw in the aeroponic towel.  Let me explain what is going on.  The pump sits in the nutrient solution pumping continuously to the small mister heads.  Heat is generated within those little pumps and algae and bacteria attach and grow around that magnificent source of heat.  The rich nutrient solution effectively feeds the algae and bacteria.  As the algae and bacteria spread throughout the system the misters begin to clog creating backpressure in the pump causing it to work harder and heat more.  The algae and bacteria are not easy to see, but you can feel it like a smooth thin layer of slime.  This becomes a high maintenance issue giving aeroponics cloning and growing a bad name.  Common solutions are ordering new misters and changing them out or tediously trying to clean the existing misters.  Frequent water solution changes and constant scrubbing of the equipment.  This is where aeroponics is considered too high maintenance and unreliable and grower moves back to dirt.  The sad part is that the industry has not come up with a simple reliable solution for these issues…until now…we have re-invented aeroponics.



With the invention of our patented Dewey Mister we are able to mist a nutrient solution using air.  That’s right, no water pump necessary.  Here is what is really cool…misting water with air actually has a cooling effect.  So, instead of heating the water, we are cooling it by as much as 5 degrees.  In addition, the Dewey Mister doesn’t clog.  This is awesome because now you can run organic nutrient solutions, something unheard of with other systems.  Our mister uses less water and therefore less nutrient solution.  Clean-up is easier because you don’t have the algae and bacteria growth caused by heating in other systems.  There are no air stones because we are aerating the water with our Mister.  NEVER use a water pump in your aeroponics cloner or growing system again and join us in the Growing Revolution.


About Us

The Dewey Mister was invented by Dewey Davison in 2013. Dewey is a longtime backyard hobbyist, gardener, and inventor. He has dabbled in all sorts of gardening, from traditional, to aeroponics, hydroponics, and aquaponics. It was from this experience in aquaponics- using air to move water instead of water pumps- that led to the air-driven and now-patented Dewey Mister for aeroponic growing. Even with the first prototype the growing results were amazing.

Dewey's son, Jeff, has been an Aero/Hydro growing enthusiast for years. When Jeff first saw the Dewey Mister he was immediately excited at the power of his dad's invention. For years, Jeff has experienced the issues with the current products on the market. Water pumps in Aero/Hydro system heated the water and had a tendency to grow bad bacteria with constantly clogged mister heads. Systems, although effective, were very high-maintenance and too often led to contaminated grows and lost harvests or reduced yields. It turns out the Dewey Mister solved all the existing Aero/Hydro issues. Patent Attorneys were hired and production molds were designed, and the Dewey Mister was introduced in Novi, Michigan at a Maximum Yield Tradeshow.

The Maximum Yield Tradeshow was a major success. The booth was packed the entire show and the Dewey Mister ended up being the most innovative new products at the show. There was a buzz of excitement as many long-time industry experts were puzzled by the simplicity and awesome performance of the aeroponics mister. As a result, the Dewey Mister was spotlighted in the next edition of Maximum Yield. Jeff took the Dewey Mister on the road across the country and the response was amazing, and the Dewey Mister was officially launched.

Since then, several new products have been designed and developed. With each design, the focus is on effectiveness, simplicity, ease of maintenance and cleaning, and durability. The growing machines had to be compatible, expandable, and multifunctional in order to scale to the grower's needs and to grow a variety of plants. The systems had to grow fast, yield high, and allow for perpetual harvests. The goal at Dewey Mister is to provide innovation and exciting Growing Solutions, and to join you in the Growing Revolution.

Dewey Mister Cloner Master with roots

The Dewey Mister

The patented Dewey Mister is an extremely effective and efficient air-powered aeroponic mister. When submerged in water, the air pressure pulls and water from the reservoir and builds up pressure as it mixes. When excess pressure is achieved, the water mixtures then explodes out of the top of the mixer, creating an irrigation mist for your plants. The Dewey Mister continuously mixes and sprays the cool nutrient water. The mister almost never clogs and is therefore great for any nutrient solution, including organic blends. This eliminates the need for a water pump and an air-stone. You'll be amazed at the simplicity and effectiveness of this awesome and innovative mister!

Growing Solutions

* No water pump needed * No air-stones * No more clogging * No water heating issue 

* Less water * Less nutrient solution * More cost-effective * Better air infusion

* Faster cloning * Faster growing



The MisterSerts are made from a pliable yet durable food-grade dishwasher-safe rubber. The MisterSerts are great for germinating seeds or rooting clones. These inserts will replace the need for neoprene inserts and net pots. No more tangled roots and disposable neoprene inserts means easier transplanting, easier cleanup, and lower long-term cost. This simple Growing Solution will make a big difference. They are available in 1 3/8" and 2" sizes and are used in the Dewey Mister Cloners and Growing Machines.


14 Site Cloner Lid

Specifically designed for the Dewey Mister 14 Site Clone Master, these lids are made from durable, food-grade plastic. No more Time-consuming and messy drilling holes. With a molded air-tube channel and molded site insets, this lid utilizes the 1 3/8" MisterSerts and comes ready to clone.  Cloning is the fastest way to propagate. A clone maintains the genetic makeup and sex of the mother plant. Clones can easily be tricked into the flowering phase. Cloning is essential for a successful, efficient, and high-yielding growing program. With the Dewey Mister as the engine, this 14 Site lid perfectly tops the powerful Clone Master.



How Does Dewey Mister Affect Growing?


There are many plant propagation and growing systems on the market but nothing quite like the Dewey Mister Aeroponics System. The Dewey Mister Aeroponics System was developed to be a simple, effective, one shot growing system. With our patented inserts and propagation technology, we make it simple to start growing. In as little as two inches of water in the bottom of a two gallon bucket you can bring to life 14 beautiful, eager plants.  The soft, food-grade, rubber inserts comfortably hold plants suspended above the Dewey Mister so that the oxygenated water gently mists over the newly forming roots. As the plant grows bigger, the rubber insert stretches with the plant, and with no pores for bacteria or fungus to grow, it provides a sturdy and safe base for your plant to grow.  

It’s really very simple, put your seeds (or cuttings) right into one of the misting inserts and start growing! 

With Dewey Mister there’s no need to mess with messy mediums like dirt, coco, or clay pellets. Mix up a gallon of nutrient rich water, plug your Dewey Mister into the air pump, put your plant with its fresh insert into the custom cut lid, and start growing! The Dewey Mister System will save you money! Don’t use anything other than water and nutrients, no fertilizer needed to get the growing process started. As with any growing system you’ll need an effective place to grow your plants such as a greenhouse with good lighting and airflow to maintain pH levels and the temperature of the plants that you are growing. With the right combination of these elements, you will create an environment where your plants will thrive.

Some Growing Tips

Water Quality

With the Dewey Mister system, you’lll see the best results with oxygen rich water. We suggest you use an air pump to increase the amount of oxygen in the water. This will make it easier for your plants to absorb the nutrients that they need to flourish. If your plants aren’t growing the way that you had hoped, it may be a sign that your water is too acidic. You can use a pH level test to determine the acidity of the water that you are using and act accordingly with ph balancers, depending on the results.  Another consideration is the cleanliness and overall quality of your water. One of the best ways to insure you are getting consistent results is by using a RO (reverse osmosis) filter. This filter can turn even the worst quality of water into very pure and clean water.

Feeding Your Plants

After your plants are started, you’ll find that a little fertilizer will help the growing process, Simply head to your local nursery or other growing supply store. Regardless of the fertilizer you choose for your cloned plants, there will be a feeding schedule on the bag to instruct you on just how much fertilizer you will need for optimal growth. A tip for the impatient: Follow the recommended feed schedule on your plant food. If you try to increase the amount of food for your plants, it will not make the plants grow faster. It will kill or stunt the growth of your plants.

pH Levels

When it comes to growing with water, you’ll find that depending on the type of plant you want to grow, it will have a preferred pH. For example, a Cherokee Purple tomato has a preferred pH range of 6-6.8. To find the preferred pH level of for growing your plants, simply hop online. The internet is full of helpful charts and guides from experienced growers around the world. Doing a little research on the specific plant(s) that you’d like to grow will allow you to adjust the pH levels accordingly. If you do need to adjust a pH level, there are a number of products that can help at your local nursery or grow supply store.


All plants have a temperature range at which they are most comfortable. 65-85 degrees Fahrenheit for the canopy/vegetation zone and 65-72 degrees Fahrenheit in the root zone tends to be a good range for most plants. Temperature is also affected by location, especially if you are growing in an uncontrolled environment. The easiest way to regulate temperature is to grow in a greenhouse. If you are unable to use a greenhouse, it will be significantly harder to control the temperature of your plant clones.


Our company is dedicated to providing the very best quality products and service. Happy customers is our number one goal! We strive to be the best in the industry and innovate our products.