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The Clone Master (14 Site)

Brand: Dewey Mister

Product Description

Baby Making Machine

Whether you are propagating from a seed or cloning a cutting this 14 site Cloner out performs any other of its size! There are a number of factors that set The Clone Master apart from the competition with a design for detail, sturdy construction and most importantly… it is powered by The Dewey Mister.

The Design

The element of simplicity and details of ergonomics will have you bragging to your friends. We start with a 2 gallon food grade bucket and top it with a specially designed 14 site sturdy lid that’s built to last. The lid is fitted to prevent leaks with a built in channel to allow the air tube to fit nicely with no crimping and no leaking. Each site on the lid is recesses and sized to fit a specially designed 1 3/8” DeweySert. Say good-bye to neoprene inserts and nasty net pots with entangled roots that make transplanting difficult. The MisterSert is made of flexible non-thabsorptive food grade material for easy cleaning and reuse. It seems so simple, but the experienced growers will understand that we have solved all the nagging issues with existing products in the marketplace.

The Engine

In case you haven’t already heard, The Dewey Mister is the most innovative product to hit the Aero/Hydro market in ages. This is the simplest and most effective mister on the market!

v  No water pump needed

v  No air stones

v  No more clogging (NO SPRAY NOZZELS)

v  No electrical pumps in water (Shock Hazard)

v  Built in Water Cooling effect

v  Less water

v  Less nutrient solution

v  More cost effective

v  Better air infusion

v  Faster cloning


Complete Kit

Just add water…and your roots will be popping in no time! The Clone Master comes as a complete kit with minor assembly required. Included is the Cloner with a 14 site lid, 14 1 3/8” MisterSerts, Tubing, The Dewey Mister, suction cups and an air pump. All you will need is seeds or cuttings, water and nutrients (if necessary). Oh and once your babies start booming, you are going to want to transplant them into one of our amazing growing Mister Machines!


Item# DM14CK1

Product Reviews

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  1. Tremendous Results

    Posted by Mark on Oct 21st 2018

    Works like a charm particularly if you learn patience and let the Dewey do its magic. Solves literally every issue I have ever had with aeroponic cloners.

  2. It Works

    Posted by Karla on Dec 20th 2017

    Luv it. The dewey works great... Plus not bad to look at.

  3. Game Changer!

    Posted by Alex on Sep 6th 2017

    Best, easiest way to clone hand down! Ive tried everything! Rockwool, coco, soil, dwc this beats it all. Coco was my go to medium for cloning but had a very picky strain that wouldnt root while another next to it threw roots just fine. Got some dewey and in about 8-10 days i had roots. Im completely sold on deweys and have been using my cloner a lot. My last round of clones have been vegging in the cloner until i have space to plant them. I find that very convenient!

    How I clone with dewey:
    Clean the cloner and serts
    Clean your cutting tool with 91%iso
    Fill the dewey cloner with RO and water treatment. I prefer Z7 but I have used 1 or 2 drops of bleach per gallon in a pinch.
    No need to PH just fresh water and water treatment
    Cut the clone and put it straight into the sert leaving a node under the sert and set the sert with clone into the cloner.
    Cut the leaves in half to help reduce transpiration.
    Put the bucket under veg lighting. 18/6 or 16/8.
    No need for humidity domes but if they start to wilt spray with some fresh water.
    Roots in 8-10 days.

  4. Awesome product

    Posted by Michel Clemmer on Aug 16th 2017

    Speedy delivery


    Posted by Unknown on Jul 30th 2017

    This set-up is keeping my clones alive even WITHOUT a humidity dome. Thats crazy. I've been dosing the bucket with a spoonful of hydrogen peroxide every day to keep things clean. Looking forward to seeing roots. Definitely would recommend this product.

  6. First Class!

    Posted by Kevin Scully on Jun 19th 2017

    Simple, elegant, works as described and the customer service is first rate as well. Much more cost effective than pumps with cycle timers.

  7. Great cloner easy setup.

    Posted by Matt on Jun 8th 2017

    This is a great unit for the home grower. Easy setup, easy to use and works great.

  8. Beat The Heat

    Posted by Alex on Oct 8th 2016

    I was having heat issues in a room this summer and was having trouble getting root development with my traditional clone machines. I was very impressed with how quickly roots began to develop and how robust they looked!

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