Dewey Misters


You are just moments away from becoming part of the Dewey Mister growing revolution. You'll be able to germinate, clone, and grow plants easily and efficiently using true aeroponic growing system techniques.

To get started, follow the instructions below:

Step 1) Remove Dewey Mister from packaging, and slide the mixing chamber into the top of the base. Press the two pieces together until the water inlet hole is just above the lip of the base. Depending on water level and pump pressure, you may elect to partially cover the water inlet hole with the base. Do not completely cover the water inlet hole.

Step 2) Attach air line to the base of your Dewey Mister.

Step 3) Attach suction cups to the Dewey Mister base. Lubricate them with water or vegetable oil before firmly pressing the center of all three suction cups to the bottom of your growing container. Your Dewey Mister should now be secured in place.

Step 4) Run the airline from your Dewey Mister, and attach it to your air-pump by feeding the airline into the notch of the lid before sliding the lid shut. If you are assembling your own bucket system, just drill a small hole in the side of the bucket near the top. Do not drill a hole in the lid itself. Run the airline through the hole, and attach it to your air-pump.

Step 5) Make sure your bucket is free of debris before adding water. Note the Min and Max levels of the mixing chamber. Fill bucket with water of your choosing between them

Step 6) Place the soft rubber Dewey Inserts into the holes of your lid. If assembling your own bucket cloner, use net cups, and/or neoprenes to fill each hole.

Step 7) Make sure your lid is on and each hole is covered before plugging in your air-pump. Let the system run for a few minutes, then check to see that the bottoms of your inserts are gathering moisture. To make adjustments, either add or remove water from your bucket, or simply cover or uncover the water inlet hole with the base of the unit, and you should be good to grow. Happy cloning!


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