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propagation, cloning and growing since water!

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Dewey Mister Grow Systems

  • Specifically designed for rapid growth, high yields with continuous or Perpetual Harvests.

  • Simplicity, low maintenance and easy to plug-and-play make growing an exciting experience.

  • Step-by-step instructions and options that include all-inclusive complete growing systems take away all the guessing for even the newest growers.

  • One-stop shop, Dewey Mister is beside you leading the Growing Revolution.

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Dewey Mister Cloners

  • Specifically designed for rapid cloning and/or seed germination.

  • Our patented technology provides a cool, nutrient-rich mist of air and water for fast, consistent propagation or cloning.

  • Say goodbye to troubles of the past. No more water pumps, air-stones, clogging mister heads, neoprenes, and nasty net pots. All those problems have been solved with our innovative line of cloners.

  • Dewey Mister is focused on Growing Solutions that make your experience as simple and effective as possible.

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Dewey Mister Grow Machines

  • We have the fastest and still the simplest and lowest maintenance Growing Machines on the market.

  • Our patented Dewey Mister technology provides a cool, nutrient-rich mist of air and water directly to your hungry plants without clogging.

  • Our machines are plug-and-play and completely compatible with one another, making it easy to grow a single plant, expand your current system, or set up a huge system.

  • Dewey Mister has machines for the newbie, the hobbyist, and the professional.

  • From Sea of Green Machines, and Chill-Ready containers, and even Stainless Steel options, we have the machines for you, and we are ready to Grow Together!

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DeweyMisters, MisterSerts, and Growing Accessories

  • Our Dewey Mister products are specifically designed to solve issues in the Hydro/Aero industry

  • We take extra time in engineering to make sure our products are the most effective, simplest to use and understand, and easiest to clean and maintain.

  • For the products we carry but didn't design, we take care to shop vendors and products to find the best and then use innovative negotiating techniques to give you the most value without compromise of quality.

  • One-stop shop, Dewey Mister is beside you and leading the Growing Revolution!

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