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Cloners / Propagators


Featuring the fastest and simplest Cloners/Propagators on the planet.  Powered by The Dewey Mister no-clog aeroponic misters, these high performance Cloners require minimal maintenace, dependability and easy clean-up.  

The 14 Site Clone Master has many customized features, including the specially designed lid with built in channel for the air tube and recessed insert ports to prevent leaking.  

Say good-bye to neoprene inserts and nasty net post.  We have designed MisterSerts (two sizes; 2" and 1 3/8") of durable food grade soft rubber.  Diswasher safe, the inserts are bacteria resistent and offer easy clean-up.  These are great for geminating seeds and propigating clones and make transplanting a breeze.

Growing Solutions

*NO Water Pumps *NO Water Heating  *NO Clogging  *NO Air Stones

*Less Water  *Less Nutrient Solution  *Less Maintenance

*Simple Set-up  *Easy Clean-up