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Your friends love your famous jalapeno popper dip recipe. They have been trying to replicate it for years, but have been unsuccessful. That is because your friends are missing the key ingredient that you have an endless supply of; those homegrown jalapenos that give your taste buds a run for their money.

Secret, Perfect Peppers

“How do you get your dip to be the perfect amount of spicy everytime?,” Your friends whine.

The secret to your dip is one that can only be unlocked with your Dewey Mister grow system. You have been secretly cloning only the spiciest, greenest, and biggest jalepenos of the batch. Those jalapenos are the perfect amount of spice to make your dip, phenomenal each and every time. While your friends have hit up every grocery store in town looking for the perfect jalapenos for the dip recipe, you have jalapenos growing rapidly in your basement.

The Recipe

Your cloned jalapeno plants yield the perfect spicy peppers each and every time because they are perfectly genetically cloned. When you combine your chopped jalapenos,cream cheese, and cheddar cheese together, topped with panko breadcrumbs. You are sure that it is going to taste the way that it always has and always will. There is no guessing. Wondering, or need to test taste (although you will probably do that anyways!) You know you can rely on your pepper to be exactly what you need to make your dip WOW your friends!

Start cloning your own jalapenos, or other varieties of plants or vegetables today with the Dewey Mister Cloning System! Shop our great selection of plant cloners today!

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