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  • Dewey Mister 6 Pack Replacement Kit with Pump for up to 60 Site Cloner

6 - DeweyMister Replacement Kit with Air Pump


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6 - DeweyMister Replacement Kit with Air Pump


Great for new growing and cloning systems!  Also, great for a replacement or an upgrade to your existing aero/hydro system.

Stop wasting time cleaning and replacing clogging nozzles!

DeweyMisters with 18 Watt air pump, 3/16 air tubing suction cups and an extreme adhesive hook and loop. When using suction cups we recommend using an organic oil to lubricate the suction cups for better adhesion. If using the hook and loop, allow the extreme adhesive to dry for 24 hours before submerging in water. 

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6 - DeweyMister Replacement Kit with Air Pump 00:26 Why The Dewey Mister The Dewey Mister Aeroponics patented mister head is a first of a it's kind. This new mister head circulates the water and feeds your plants roots at the same time all with a single air pump in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.The Dewey Mister eliminates the need for a water pump or air stones. This is a none clogging mister that you can use organic nutrient without clogging problems. With out a water pump in your reservoir the nutrient water stays cooler therefore reducing the chances for algae growth. Aeroponics has finally been simplified. With as little as six Dewey Misters and a 18 watt air pump you can run up to a 60 site cloner. The Dewey Mister can also be used to brew compost Tea eliminating the air stone making for easy cleanup. The Dewey Mister is Made in USA. also made of nylon 6 food, medical grade material The Dewey Mister Saves energy using low watt air pump, runs on far less water and Nutrients. 100% air driven no water pump heating your reservoir water. The Dewey Mister can also be used for Mixing and aerating Compost Teas or your reservoir Nutrients With the Dewey Mister you will save time and frustration. Less time spent setting up and maintaining your system means more time for growing. You will not have a water pump no manifold to house your spraying nozzles or air stones. This system takes the risk of electrocution out of your container. Easy to use fits into almost any existing aeroponic, hydroponic cloning, growing container. Organic Nutrients will not clog this mister also oxygen and nutrient rich water are mixed to create the perfect environment for the root system. Making gardening simple makes growing fun!

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