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Welcome To Dewey Mister!

Welcome to Dewey Mister! We are the home of the Dewey Mister Grow Systems, Dewey Mister Cloners, and Dewey Mister Grow Machines. We are proud to be leading the way in revolutionizing how plants are grown. These three systems are aeroponic which means that they are faster, reliable, and allow growth to be predicted in comparison to growing your plants in dirt. They give you the ability to monitor the water and nutrient levels of all of your growing and developing plants, providing you with a huge growth advantage. All of the Dewey Mister Systems are customizable and can be used for any kind of plant.

Our Dewey Mister Grow Systems are designed for rapid growth of any kind of plants, providing the ability for continuous harvesting of the plants that we love. Can you imagine being able to grow fruits, vegetables, and herbs at a record speed? Well now you can! Each of our systems are customizable, simple, low maintenance, and user friendly. We also have systems, our Dewey Mister Cloners, that allow you to clone any plant(s) of your choice and enjoy perpetual growth. The cloning systems are designed for rapid cloning and seed germination. This growing solution eliminates water pumps and other troublesome growing components that generally accompany your typical growing system. Our patented Dewey Mister system uses an air pump to regulate the amount of water being circulated to each plant, which eliminates the need for a water pump.

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