Dewey Misters

Are Your Ready To Clone?

Plant cloning has never been easier with the Dewey Mister Clone Master, Clone Magician, and Clone Monster. Whether your clone project is as small as 14 plants or as big as hundreds, we have the perfect systems for you. All of our systems are powered by the no-clog aeroponic Dewey Misters. Our cloners are high quality and low maintenance.

How Do I Set Up My Cloning System?

Setting up and maintaining our systems is simple. Once removing your new system completely from the packaging, you will want to slide the mixing chamber into the top of the base. Push the two pieces together until the water inlet hole is just above the lip of the base. Depending on water level and pump pressure, you may elect to partially cover the water inlet hole with the base, it is ok if the hole is partially covered but at no time is it ok to cover it completely. Next you will want to attach the airline and suction cups to the base of your plant cloning system. Use water to help the suction cups attach securely if needed, this will hold your cloning system in place. Attach the airline from your plant cloning system to the air pump itself. Once the air pump is securely attached, fill your Dewey Mister up to the max fill line. You are almost finished! Now insert a seed or plant cutting into each of your inserts. Then place the inserts into each of the slots on the top of your plant cloner. Once all of the inserts are in place, and all holes are covered, you are ready to plug in your pump.

Happy growing!


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