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Growing Herbs With Aeroponics

Sick of trying to find fresh herbs at the grocery store, only to find the selection to be slim or wiped out all together? Nothing spruces up a meal like a hint of fresh herbs to accentuate the flavors. You have been holding off on growing an herb garden because you are are not patient enough to wait for your herbs to grow. Well the wait is over. Growing an herb garden has never been easier or more rewarding than it is with a Dewey Mister aeroponics system. You can choose to grow your herbs indoors or outdoors, as long as they are in an area where they are receiving the necessary sunlight.

Once your Dewey Mister aeroponics system is assembled. Chose to start your herb growth from seeds or plant clippings. Have one of each, or multiple plants, if you want to do a lot of growing or sell excess herbs at your local farmers market.

Let's take a look at the most commonly grown and used herbs:


Basil leaves have a light, fresh, and spicy flavor. They are the perfect addition to garnish an italian meal, muddle in a beverage, or add the perfect kick to your soup. Basil suits fish, poultry, red meat, salads, and omelets well. Add it to practically any dish for a nice hint of flavor.


Chives, or green onion as they are commonly known, can add a nice flavor to a variety of foods as well. They are perfect to toss into your scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, or cheesy casserole. They are also a nice addition to any mexican dishes for a fresh flare of flavor.


Mint leaves are fresh, delicious, and well, minty! They are perfect for fresh drinks like mojitos, moscow mules, or fresh mint tea. They can also add flare to smoothies. They can also add a nice twist to your typical pasta dish, or to a bean salad


Parsley is an italian herb with bold flavor. It is a nice garnish to pasta dishes or casseroles, but can also be chopped thinly and baked into meals such as stews, omelets, meatballs, and more.


Coriander is the perfect spice for pork products. Coriander is produced by the cilantro plant. When your cilantro has matured it will sprout flowers that hold the coriander seeds. These seeds can then be ground up and used as a rub or spice.


It houses a bit of a bitter flavor. It is perfect for soups, potatoes, and canning pickles. You can even sprinkle it on cucumbers for a healthy snack, or use those cucumbers to add flavor to a turkey sandwich.


Fennel is an underutilized spice. Fennel leaves have a sweet flavor. They are nice to accent flavors in pork or veal dishes, are a very healthy way to flavor soups, and can even be used in salad for an extra crunch. The seeds have a sharp flavor that make them the ultimate accomplice to spicy sausage.

Start your herb garden today with an aeroponics system from Dewey Mister! Shop now!


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