Dewey Misters

Cloning Spring Flowers

As we enjoy the spring time weather and think about the fact that summer is just around the corner, we think of cleaning up the yard and adding new spring floral to our yards. Out with the old and in with the new. It is time to fill your garden with color and embrace the warmer weather! With the need for numerous plants, while also being budget conscious, plant cloning is a very economic way to fill your yard without having to spend a fortune on flowers and other plants. With the Dewey Mister Cloning System, you could have cloned and flowering plants ready for your yard in 16 weeks or less!

How Does My Perpetual Grow System Work?

If you are looking to clone plants, and clone them fast, the Dewey Mister System is the perfect solution. If you purchase our 14-site cloner, you can start a new set of clones every four weeks. Plants can take anywhere from two to four weeks to complete the cloning stage. After the initial first few weeks of the cloning process, you will move the plants into the Veg growing machine. They will remain in the veg for the next four weeks. The plants are then moved into the flower machine(s) and stay for an additional eight weeks. Then they can be harvested, or transplanted into the yard!

Spring into spring with a Dewey Mister plant cloning system! Shop our aeroponics systems now!


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