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What Can You Expect When It Comes To Plant Cloning?

Cloning plant comes with a lot of expectations. The plant that you choose to clone will be able to tell you everything you want to know about your future cloned plants, because they will be identical. You can expect the same genetics, the same susceptibility to disease and the spreading of disease if the plant you are cloning is diseased, and so forth. The list goes on, so before you start cloning a plant, you want to insure that you are happy with every characteristic of the plant that you are choosing.


When plants are cloned, the genetics will either ensure that all of them are protected from disease, or put them all at risk. Because each plant is the same, if an infestation attacks one plant, it will attack the rest. All of the plants will have the same level of susceptibility. Immunity of the plants work the same way. If one of your plants is immune to a disease or a certain type of insect, they all will be since they are identical, genetically speaking.

Uniform Genetics

Cloning is the process of multiplying copies of one set of genetics. Any characteristics that the original plant has, all of the clones will have. If the plants were to produce naturally, not all of the genetic traits would be passed down which can be both good and bad. This means that no new breeds will be able to result out of any of these plants. Because these plants are asexual, they reproduce by themselves and will continue to only produce clones of their identical selves.


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